Release 0.5.2


The 0.5.2 release is a minor release which includes some fixes about the 0.5.1 release.


  • #430 - Butler is slow to respond to some queries. This one is quite important as it breakds the compliance with some packages. The list of the packages to update is in the installation note.
  • The DT_Battery and DT_Humidity datatypes which are percentages are moved from DT_Number childs to DT_Scaling childs. This way, all DT_Scaling related features can be applyied to these datatypes.


Various fixes (no related isues) :

  • The install script now set also the loopback interface in the config to avoid the issue #67 of domoweb
  • The docs.old folder have been removed.
  • The function that detects if a component is already launched is improved.
  • The admin component is no more raising a 500 error if a device has a sensor or command with an obsolete data type. A warning will be displayed.

Fixes related to opened issues :

  • #394 - Alembic
  • #399 - Scenario : the action Make the Butler say something is now fixed. It works with the plugins that listen for incoming messages from the Butler.
  • #400 - mysql get sensor history error (ubuntu 16.04)
  • #402 - Value string to num conversion BUG
  • #405 - butler from rest not a json in answer
  • #411 - 0.5-hotfix db insertion error
  • #412 - An error occured while adding the device in database
  • #428 - xplgw sometimes not work for xpl sensors
  • #429 - dbmgr does not send the last value for sensor.history.get for sensors with no history
  • #432 - dmg_package : avoid not using the domogik user
  • #438 - Scenario Cron block error
  • #439 - register_cb_update_devices don’t handle “Global parameters” modifications
  • #440 - Scenario unicode issue