Release 0.4.1

New features


You can now create some scenario with Domogik! There is still one limitation : we are restricted to one action per scenario. This issue is related to blockly, if you are familiar with this library, please contact us ;)

Butler core component

The butler is your Domogik assistant. You can interact with it thanks to the interface packages. These packages can allow you to speak or listen to the butler, discuss with it over irc, ...

The butler is not able to do anything without brain packages. You must at least install the following brain packages :

  • core : this one will add support for basic interactions.
  • datatype : this one will allow you to control Domogik by requesting for sensors valus or control your appliances.

There are also other brain packages that can grab informations from internet.

New package type : brain

The brain packages are related to the butler component : each brain package will add some capabilities to the butler.

New package type : interface

An interface package is a way to communicate with the butler. It can be for example :

  • voice control
  • voice responses
  • irc
  • etc

Android application : Domogik butler

The Domogik butler application will help you to interact with the butler from your Android devices.

Database upgrade

The table for clients configuration have been upgraded. The upgrade will be automatically done during the installation.

Packages dedicated admin pages

Now the packages can include some specific pages for Domogik administration. The content of these pages will be available rom the Advanced menu in a client page.