Release 0.3.0

New features

The big changes in this release target the house, area and room concepts. The organization of the house was too restrictive and was exclusively managed on the Domogik side in the previous releases. From now on, each user interface will display on its own the features provided by Domogik. Domoweb chose widgets to achieve this. They will be organized in a hierarchical layout of generic pages : therefore according to your choice a page can be an area (ground floor, floor...) a theme (lights, webcam...). Pages are ordered in a tree : a page can have a sub-page and so on. So you can organize your house layout exactly how you like it. This choice allow each developer to be independant from Domoweb evolutions and to suggest its own structure. Please notice that the Domodroid release compatible with Domogik 0.2 and 0.3 has two features : with Domogik 0.2 the previous structure is used whereas with Domogik 0.3 items are right now ordered by usage (an evolution is planned to have a more funny organization).

The big work on Domogik side was to remove all the code related to areas and rooms management.

Let’s have now a look to the new interface and how those pages are looking like.

The main screen


You can notice that a theme is used on this screenshot (petals in the title bar and curved lines in the page body). Each page can have its own theme and it is easy to create them.

Between the title bar and the body there are several round buttons. From left to right:

  • Grid : to edit the page and set widgets
  • Gears : page settings
  • Shield : access to administration
  • Padlock : log in / out

On the bottom a breadcrumb displays the current page and links to its ancestors:


The first item of the breadcrumb is a selector to jump to a specific page:


Right now you can change the pages only by using the breadcrumb or the page selector. Some widgets will be added to make this easier.

Error notifications are now displayed in another way:


To create pages there is a dedicated section in the administration panel. It just allows to create the pages tree:


The accurate settings of a page are accessed through the gears button which then shows this screen:


Here you can change the name of a page, add a description choose an icon and a theme. It is possible to add our own icons set.

You can select a theme through a list: