Release 0.2.0

New features

Domoweb goes out of Domogik

Domoweb, the web user interface is no more included in Domogik. It is now a separate project. This will allow to release new Domoweb versions without needing to deliver new Domogik releases.

Packages management (plugins)

With Domogik 0.2.0, plugins are no more delivered in the release. They are now available as packages in online repositories on The packages can be installed from the administration part of Domoweb. Now, new packages releases can be published at any time!

The plugin format has been updated for this. The main change is the conversion of the xml plugin description file to the json format.

A dedicated software has been developed to manage our repositories. It is available in our sources and you can create and manage your own repositories.

New user documentation

In the previous release, all the user documentation was on the wiki. This was not very easy to manage (especially to manage different versions of the documentation). Now the user documentation is in ReST format and is hosted in Domogik sources. The html build is generated and published regulary on

Packaging improvement

In order to allow the creation of distribution packages, a hard work has been made on the FHS. The configuration files are now in the /etc/domogik/ folder and during the installation the files are now copied to the appropriate places.

Some Ubuntu and Fedora packages will be available for Domogik releases.

Multiple hosts

The installer is now able to install Domogik on a secondary host. You will be able to install packages on this secondary host directly from Domoweb in the same way as on the main host.