Read the fucking manual. Don’t forget to search the information in the doc before asking ;). There are a lot of informations in the documentation. But of course if you don’t find the information, we will help you!
It is the core part of the Domogik automation system. Domogik is made of core components, a message queue and a database. Domogik has no control user interface included : only a web administration interface is provided.
User interface
There are several user interfaces available for Domogik : Domoweb, Domodroid, DomoButler.
Domoweb is the web interface. You can use it in a browser, from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Domodroid is an Android application for your tablet or smartphone. This application is a control interface.
DomoButler is an Android application for your tablet or smartphone. This application allows you to speak with Domogik’s butler.
Core component
Domogik core components are the heart of Domogik, they have no automation features but they are needed to make all automation plugins to interact together.
The butler is one of the core components. It allows you to speak with Domogik and get informations about temperature or control the lights (for example).
A package is a group of files with a type (plugin, brain, ...), a name and a version. Example : plugin zwave 0.1. A package will add new features to Domogik.
This is a type of package. Plugins are packages for Domogik. A plugin will handle one technology, one hardware gateway or some online services.
This is a type of package. Brains are packages for the Butler of Domogik. A brain will add more voices interactions to your Domogik system.
A client is a package instance. For example, a plugin installed on a server is a client.
A device is a reference to a hardware, software or online service element. A device is related to a device type. A device is linked to a client. If the client is uninstalled or disappear (is this is some external xPL device for example), the device will become orphan.
Device type
A plugin will allow to create various kind of devices (for example a temperature sensor or a temperature and humidity sensor). A kind of device is a device type. A device type can have several features.
Device feature
A device feature can be a sensor or a command. Each device feature can have its own parameters (address, polling interval, ...).
A sensor is something that read or catch some values (temperature, humidity, light status, ...)
A command is something that do an action (switch on the light, ...)
Message queue
Messages queues provide an asynchronous communication protocol. This is used by Domogik components to discuss together.
xPL is an open protocol intended to permit the control and monitoring of home automation devices. Domogik have some xPL plugins and some no xPL plugins.
xPL hub
A xPL hub is a software hub which is used to handle xPL flows.