Openremote integration with Domogik is an open platform for easely creating user-interfaces. From domogik 0.4 onwards we can interface domogik with openremote.

What do i need ?

How do i interface with domogik ?

OpenRemote will interface with domogik via the Rest API, it will need a couple of commands:

  • /sensor/<senorid>
  • /cmd/<cmdid>?params

Openremote works with Commands, sensors and switches. For example to integrate a DT_Switch command in openremote you will need 3 openRemote commands:

  • A read command
  • A on command
  • A off command

Creating an openremote command

Follow the openRemote command.

As protocol you select HTTP and then it will ask you some extra pramaters according to the HTTP manual. Below is a list of what you need to fill in.

  • URL:
  • HTTP Method: select GET

  • Polling interval (for domogik sensors only): 1s

  • JSONPath Expression (for domogik sensors only): $.last_value


Creating a sensor in openremote

What you will need:

  • an openremote device
  • an openremote command (to get the sensor value)
  • an openremote sensor

Creating a switch in openremote

For this example we will use a domogik sensor and a domogik command with DT_Switch.

What we need inside openremote:

  • an openremote device

  • three openremote commands:
    • an read command
    • an on command
    • an off command
  • an openremote sensor

  • an openremote switch