Domogik 0.5

What is Domogik ?

Domogik is a smart home (or home automation) free and open source solution. With Domogik you can :

  • use several non compliant technologies in a single solution.
  • use several user interfaces to monitor and control your smart home : Domoweb from your brower (Chrome, Firefox, ...), Domodroid from your Android smartphone or tablet, Openremote which allows to create photo realistic interfaces.
  • speak with your smarthome thanks to the Butler. You can use the butler over the Domoweb or a dedicated Android application named DomoButler.

For more informations about this release of Domogik, you can check the release note

If you are looking for technical informations or how to create a plugin, please check the technical and developers documentation.


To install Domogik, you need to have a computer or server with a GNU/Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Debian, Archlinux, or others).

Then depending on your needs you will need some automation gateways (for x10, knx, ipx800 relayboards, 1wire, Zwave, ...)

I am a newbie in Linux world, what do I need to know ?

First, you should use a distribution like Ubuntu. Then, you should first learn the Linux basements.

Install Domogik

Basic installation

To install Domogik, just follow the instructions : basic installation.

Then, you will need to install one user interface :

If you want to uninstall Domogik, you will need to use the uninstall tool.

Advanced installation tutorials

The following tutorials are not mandatory to use Domogik. You can pick just what you need for what you want.

I have an error

First, please check, the common errors page.

When using Domogik or a plugin, if you find an issue, please report it on the issue tracker.

Quick start guide

Various informations

Use alternate interfaces

As Domogik provide an API, you can control Domogik from other control solutions, like OpenRemote for example.